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In India, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the fastest growing segment of the ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) industry. BPO services in India can be attributed to low labour costs and the country's large pool of competent, English-speaking employees.

Our company is one of the best BPO service provider in India. When it comes to providing clients with excellent customer service, Riemen Solution outsourcing BPO services are one of the greatest services. Our outstanding agents and superior outsourcing solutions provide the greatest proactive support techniques for resolving client issues before them occur. The most significant advantage of business process outsourcing over other BPOs is that our representatives are native English speakers with many cultural similarities to your clients due to their closeness.

Riemen Solution BPO Service Provider becomes a trusted partner and seamless extension of your team as your company develops and maintains a high-performing customer support operation.

We select the best agents and provide a professional and enjoyable work environment. Our business culture and happy agents provide excellent BPO Outsourcing Services to your clients, resulting in higher retention, increased growth, and lower total service costs. Specialty services, such as photo retouching, graphic design, social media analytics, and most other auxiliary jobs are some of the outsourcing solutions provided by our company. Our experienced leaders at the company can help you create or revive your BPO Customer Service operations.

Our Process Of Working

Riemen Solution is one of the best call center company in India. Riemen Solution was established and is working in this field since 2013. Our company has expertise staff which handles the work and makes our clients and your clients satisfied. Our believe is to provide you with quality work not quantity work. Our team follow a unique way of completing our tasks which is the most effective way till yet. By following this process we have made many happy clients for us. Let's know about the process:

  • 1. The Planning Phase:

    First of all after getting any project our team do a deep research on the project to understand the needs and services of our customers. Planning is the most basic and effective step for any project. Under this stage we create whole transitions which includes names of all participants and also the deadline of each and every activity. After doing all planning the tasks are signed-off by the stakeholders.

  • 2. Acquiring Phase:

    Under this phase all the documentation is taken care of. Before doing anything else the migration manager acquires the assistance of networking, project documentation and experts to recognize the process details. The team which will handle the process make sure that right competencies are identified before the recruitment begins. Also the team will ensure that all the required documents are approved and signed-off by the client.

  • 3. Transferring Phase

    Under this phase the functional managers execute various plans which were developed and signed-off in the previous stage. Various backups will also be taken. The tasks are then assigned to the staff members according to the requirement. After that they have to clear a process where they have to show their skills before answering live calls.

  • 4. Operating Phase

    This phase begins with the evaluation of tasks involving the call center process. After the implementation the team will be monitored closely and will be supervised by our head staff. The quality work will be maintained by daily data integrity checks, weekly call monitoring and regular coaching.

Why Go For Riemen Solution?

  • Offshore and cost effective services:

    We offer our clients with the best offshore call center outsourcing services in which we are specialized in. We often offer our clients with highly cost effective technique which keeps you connected with us .

  • Customer Support:

    We understand the importance of our relation with each other, when we rise you also rise with us. We believe in creating best opportunities, therefore we also believe in creating a long term relation with our clients.

  • 24*7*365 Availability

    We offer services to our clients 24*7*365. Whenever you want any help our team will be present for your support.

  • Multi Lingual Support

    We also provide you Multi lingual support team so that it would be easy to meet your PAN India requirements.

  • In House IT team

    We also have our In house IT Tech team which includes our professional programmers, developers and our support team.

  • Low Attrition Rate

    We have very low rate of attrition at our company. Current rate of attrition is 5%.

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