FOS Services

For any company, it is essential to showcase their products wisely to the customers as nowadays customers are becoming wiser in selecting any product from the market. Because of it it becomes more important to have a strong market presence through field merchandising. FOS service helps companies to empower their brands in the market which results in lead generation, secondary sales, training and engaging channels and influencers for buying their brand and helping them in promotions in the market.

Most of the companies outsource their FOS services because of a lack of strategic perspective. Most of the companies spend too much money on their FOS service and end up by not creating many profits from it.

We understand the importance and struggle of quality, quantity, management, productivity and operations of such an extensive force. So to prevent that we provide you the best FOS services in India at a low cost with the Best process quality and also access to a trained workforce.

Services We Provide You under FOS ((Feet on street)) Services

  • 1. App Installation:

    For those who face any kind of problems in installing our customer’s application we provide a team that goes on the field to help your customer with the installation of the application.

  • 2. Survey:

    Nowadays survey is the most beneficial and easy process to understand and analyze the needs of the customers. So for your company, we send our team to the field where they do surveys on the topics related to your company. After the survey is completed they go through the data to evaluate the result.

  • 3. Physical KYC/E-KYC:

    Nowadays everyone is using online payment methods which require KYC to transact the payment. Those who want to let their KYC to be done just let us know and our team will be there for your KYC process. We have trained professionals who handle all the KYC processes without any errors in them.

  • 4. Mystery Shopping:

    Mystery shopping refers to the process where our team members disguise their identities and go to different shops to collect data that will be used to analyze public interests and needs.

  • 5. Document Collection:

    Under this process, our team works on the field to collect the data like their id proofs, address proofs and so on for the maintenance of the data for the firm. Our team takes care of data, registration, up-gradation of plans and much more.

  • 6. Acquisition:

    Acquisition is the process where companies and organizations evaluate that how much value customer brings to their business. It is a process where a set of methodologies are used and systems for managing customer prospects and inquiries generated by using a variety of marketing technologies.

Why Riemen Solution?

  • Riemen Solution works as the best outbound service provider for our clients. For any company, it is important to do promotions and gathering more customers for their business. Selecting the right time and right customer is the most important thing for any outsources service provider. Our agents take care of each and everything including time zone management, schedule call back and many more.

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