Inbound Call Center Services

Inbound Call Center Services are those services in which incoming calls for asking queries related to your business are answered. We provide you the team of inbound call center service which is professionally trained to take care of your roles and responsibilities which are conveyed to us.

How Inbound Customer Services help you?

  • For any business customer satisfaction is the main priority. Customer satisfaction provides business longevity which helps you in earning more profit. Nowadays customer satisfaction has reached to another level now it is not that easy as it was back then. Customers want their calls to be responded very quickly, they also need very quick and apt solution to their problems.

  • This summit that the company should have an in house professional team which can look after the best technical support outsourcing service to the customer. Outsourcing is also reliable to inbound call center. Riemen Solution one of the best answering services companies helps you to take care of your customers at our best.

Our Inbound Call Center Services in India

  • Providing Solutions Round The Clock

    First question which you’ll think is “Why choose us?” We provide you our services round the clock making it easy for you to handle your customers. Whether it is day time or night time our team is there to help your customers with their queries. There is no fixed time for any customer’s problem, it can arise anytime and if they didn’t get any help regarding those queries it will directly have wrong impact on your brand image. So to resolve your problem we are here with our professionally trained and skilled team.

  • Removing Unnecessary Distractions

    After starting a business there are many problems which you have to face, like competitiveness, handling work, answering queries of customers and so on. The question which everyone has in their mind is, “How can anyone cope up with all these competencies?” To make it easy for you to focus on one thing we are here to take care of your problems. We treat our partners as our own. Adding more to it our inbound services always have something extra for our clients. Having more knowledge and sharing it will help in increasing your sale and profit

  • Message Taking

    Message taking is the service in which if the caller is not able to connect with you due to more traffic he/she is asked to leave a message after the call on your voicemails which helps us to capture name, number and email. This method helps you in maximizing the leads.

  • Call Patching

    Call patching is done by following two steps, first is where the call is answered by the receptionist of the main business and then the receptionist collects the information needed to connect the call. Next step is where the call is connected with the person or organization with whom the customer’s wants to connect.

  • Order Taking

    Order taking is the process where the orders of the customers are recorded accurately. As buyers prefer placing an order on call with live person rather than ordering to automated call. It also follows securing of data from getting ordered to getting delivered.

  • Customer Hotline

    Customer hotline is the service where the customer files their dissatisfaction and issues related to the products and services and our team takes care of them by replying them immediately. As action which is taken over complaints matters a lot.

  • Call Answering Services

    In competitive landscape you have to provide the best customer support service to your customers. You have to attend their calls related to queries in one go with efficient telephone answering services. You don’t have to put any limits on customer service because of any fixed working hours. Outsourcing is the best option for your call answering service. We are here to provide you our call answering services round the clock so that your customers always stay with your company.

  • Help Desk

    Help desk services are those services in which the call center manages incoming calls and provides you services to handle sale support, service support or billing support. Our help desk services help you in handling general questions over the phone from customers and prospects.

  • Customer Support

    Inbound call center plays the central role in communication department for any company. It helps to handle customer queries and problems which is professionally done by our team. Incoming calls mostly refers to answers queries on call of the existing customers. Customer Support services which are provided by inbound call center helps you in advising and assisting people who buy or use products and services of the company.

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