Call Center Services

The most important role of any organization is to fulfill each and every requirement and provide them best support by serving them with our best services. We provide you professionally dedicated services which help us to keep your customers on track. Riemen Solution is one of the leading call center service providers and is consistently offering our services to our customers and maintaining a healthy relation with them. We also work as the call center outsourcing services provider for your business.


Understanding what are Call Center Services in India

  • Call Center Services are those services which are offered by BPO in which they handle their customer’s secondary responsibilities on behalf of their partners who lack in-house aptitudes for their service performance. If we talk about past of multilingual call center services then the only service outsourcing was offered at that time, but now many more services have been added to it like leads generation, market analyzing, IT support, order placement, etc.

  • As, the time passed many things changed. Thinking related to call center outsourcing in india has changed and now outsourcing has become one of the most important practice. The reason behind this change is technological advancements which mainly focus on competitiveness in the market.

What are the Outsourcing Call Center Services?

There are two types of Outsourcing call center services which are the basic and most important assistance which any business needs. Those services are mentioned below:

  • Inbound Service

    Under Inbound Services the first and most important rule of any company is to never miss any query related to their service and products. We have a team of members who are specially trained to handle such calls and enquiries easily. The vendor’s who can afford a quality of products have to maintain the quality of services also and to maintain that quality service we help you with our remarkable services.

  • Outbound Service

    On the other hand, outbound services are those services in which outgoing calls are made by our team with the objective to generate interest amongst the products and services. Conducting surveys by doing research, collecting debts and also generating leads is what outbound service includes.

  • Answering Service

    Answering service helps you in maintaining the best relation between your customer and your company. As answering service helps you to provide solutions to your customer queries in one go which makes your customers satisfied. We have a team of professionals who handles the answering services and ensures them that they uses your products and services for long term.

  • Technical Support

    Technical support is the process where we provide support to your customers for their technical issues related to their electronic devices. Here our representatives provide answers to queries from your customers regarding the use and trouble-shooting of any equipment over the phone call.

  • Customer Service

    Customer service is the main and most important part of any company. Providing best services to your customers will help you in maintaining the best image of your business in the market and among your customers. Our customer service team provides the effective and active support to your customers which helps to strengthen and customer relationship.

  • Chat and Email Support

    Some of the customers prefer chat and emails to ask their queries and problems. Nowadays more than 40% people use chat and email support for their problems which is more of a lengthy process. Most of the companies outsource their services to let them be handled easily. Our team works and go through form all your data and go through every query of your customers presented on chats and mails. After going through them they provide solutions to your customers by replying them on their chats and mails.

  • Reason why business should Outsource Call Center Services

    Many business owners face many problems while managing their data such as uncertain customer preferences, inconsistent technology and compulsion to maintain a handsome growth for their business and so on.
    Hence, in order to maintain a smooth work process many business owners move towards outsourcing their services. Outsourcing call centers has benefited companies and with the help of outsourcing now businesses are able to gain their profits easily.

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