About Us

We at Riemen Solution are serving our clients with our best services since our establishment, i.e 2014. Riemen Solution was established with the aim of using technology for equipping and enabling the business build efficiency. We also aim for providing best customers services for your satisfaction. Till the date we have been witnesses by different industry analysts and also we have many different alliance partners as well as many internal and external clients.

We have established our BPO which is well-equipped to deliver best Inbound, Outbound and IT services. We have our dedicated workforce which works round-the-clock just to make sure that they come up with our best services delivered to our patrons. Moreover in order to guarantee that the executions of assigned tasks are on time, we work in a close coordination with our patrons.

Serving our clients with best services helped us in maintaining our best reviews. Maintaining best reviews has helped us in getting more client base and more experience of work. While working our company acquires three values, which are mentioned below:


Delivering Excellence To Our Customers Believing in people Active with Integrity
We always exceed the expectations of our clients and others we work with We always love to invest in training and Development We always be reliable, trustworthy and fair with the work we do
We always make plans sustainably and for long term We always promote teamwork and sharing of knowledge and best practices Always showing respect to our clients and our team
Our team works with the passion for success Understanding and recognizing the power of diversity is what we admire Always admire to deliver the premises on the committed time period

We believe that training an employee is the most important step for any company. Training is the process which makes better to best, hence the training method should be most efficient and finest way by. Also it should be easy so that the employee can easily learn from us. Mentioned below is the process of our training:

  • 1. Soft Skills:

    First step of our training is to check the soft skills of our employee. Under this step we work on sentence construction, clarity in listening and speaking skills and voice modulation.

  • 2. Process Training:

    After working on soft skills we work on the process knowledge of the employee in which we make him understand things with the help of examples of different scenarios.

  • 3. Compliance Training:

    During this step we make our workers understand about the rules and regulations which are related to the process.

  • 4. Mock Calls:

    When it comes to answering the calls the most important thing is understanding the behaviour of clients. So for making our workers understand how to tackle clients we do role plays for handling different situations.

  • 5. On-Job Training:

    We also provide our staff an on job assistance so that they can learn how they can create an efficient and effective workplace.

Our Presence

Riemen Solution is working and providing their services to different states of the world. Our company has expanded beyond our belief. Our team is trained in multilingual languages which make it easier for us to handle clients from different cities. Mentioned below are the cities where we provide our services.





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