Staffing Services

Understanding the need of right people at the right time is the most basic thing of staffing process. It doesn’t matter that you have a small business or large business with your own HR department it is not easy to find right people. This is where we, Riemen Solution can help you.

We have specially trained workforce who understands and finds right people for your business to meet your specific needs. No matter what it takes our staffing services will find people who will meet unique needs of your business. We are working to provide you best staffing services in India.

Process for Finding Most Qualified Candidates

  • 1. Identifying Candidates:

    Identifying candidates is the first and most important factor of staffing. Our staff go to the depths of the candidate and do a whole research to find out that the candidate is fit for your company or not.

  • 2. Shortlisting and Screening:

    After we identifying candidates we shortlist them on the basis of their experience and skills. After shortlisting them we do the screening process where a face-to-face meeting is done.

  • 3. Placements and Follow Ups

    After having a face-to-face meeting with the candidates we do the placement process where the candidates are allotted with their duties. After placement we monitor the candidate to ensure that we have given you the best quality work.

Staffing Services Which We Provide You

  • IT Staffing:

    For any company IT section is one of the most important part of the company. Selecting best IT representatives will help you in maintaining your IT services at your best. Recruiting best IT staff is not easy for you so we are here to help you with that. We will help you in selecting the best IT staff members providing you the best services.

  • Account Financial and Managerial Staffing:

    Financial management is the most important part of any company. Whether it is small business or big business everyone needs a perfect team to handle its financial values. Our recruiters have worked with many companies and have many years of experience in recruiting and selecting perfect ones for your company.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

    RPO is the process where a business or a firm appoints all the process of recruitment to third party. RPO is totally different from other staffing companies in RPO retained search providers assumes the ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process and takes responsibility of results.

  • Technical Staffing:

    Technical staffing is the process where you have to understand demands of complex projects, energy, engineering also we have to keep in mind that to handle all these important thing we have to find a trained technical specialist which is perfect for the job. For this our team contains professionals who takes care of all the recruitment process and ensures to provide you the best technical specialist for you company.

  • Industrial Staffing:

    Industrial staffing refers to the process where people are appointed to handle work like manufacturing, hospitality work, factory work, logistics and distribution, and so on. The positions are available for both skilled and unskilled people. The assignment refers to the positions for light labour and heavy labour. Our team works and understands the needs of your company regarding labors and then works on appointing people according to their skills.

Meeting All Your Business Resources

  • We do different researches and go through all the needs and requirements for the staff and employees for your business. No matter if it is a small organization or large organization everyone needs a proper process for recruitment. With proper recruitment process they also need best and trained people to handle their work. Once we go through your staffing recruitment we will be able to provide right people with right skills. Working as your consulting partners we can also provide you short-term and long-term business objectives.

    We also ensure our customers and provide them offshore requirements and handover them highly skilled professionals to be deployed in different locations across the world so that they can execute their projects with tight deadlines.

    Behind every successful business there is a strong workforce behind which handles all of their projects and tasks easily and provides the highly increasing success rate. Let us help you in building a strong workforce for your company which will help you in increasing productivity and revenues. Let us be the partners for your success.

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