Voice Broadcasting Services

Voice broadcasting is a process where the prerecorded messages are delivered to the customers for an instant personalized touch. This method is used to share important alerts, updates and information with your customers, employees and other stakeholders in a few minutes.

With Riemen Solution voice broadcast service you can get secure and scalable automated outbound call solutions. You just have to record your message, then you have to update your contacts and after that you have to launch your voice broadcast marketing campaign.

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting

Choosing Voice Broadcasting is one of the best and wise decisions for your firm as most of the time it happens that whenever you feel like you should connect to the customer for any up-gradation or for any service-related calls the customer might not be free at that time. Voice Broadcasting helps to prevent these situations. As most of the companies are using the voice broadcasting method to deliver any important updates or anything related to their products. There are many benefits which you get from voice broadcasting such as

  • 1. Increased Response:

    It helps you in increasing the response of your customers as they can listen to your broadcast anytime whenever they feel like it.

  • 2. Cost-Effective:

    It is a cost-effective method as it doesn’t need much investment. This is a method which is very cost-effective and provides you more benefits.

  • 3. Personalized Customer Service:

    It also helps you in providing personalized customer service as it helps you to know the exact needs of the customers and also you can be more connected to your customers which will help in maintaining healthy customer relations.

  • 4. Brand Building:

    It also helps you in building your brand as it provides you personalized customer service which leads to healthy customer relations and also keeps the customer stick with your brand for a long time and sometimes can also result in promotions being done by customer. So this process also helps you in building your brand.

  • 5. Increased Sales:

    Voice Broadcasting helps you in increasing your sale and revenue as it plays an important role in healthy customer relations which leads to an increase in your sales.

How It Works

There are some easy steps which are followed by our voice broadcasters to get the process done.

  • 1. Upload Customer Contacts:

    First we upload all the contacts which you want to be registered for the broadcast. To upload the contacts we use the CSV file format.

  • 2. Manage DNC list:

    After selecting the people we manage a DNC list in which we mention those people whom you do not want to send the broadcast.

  • 3. Compose a Personalized Message:

    After managing the lists we form a message using custom fields like names, company, and email and so on.

  • 4. Allow Customers to Interact With Your Message:

    After customizing and sending messages we let your customers to call directly to any of your agents.

  • 5. Get Detailed Reports Of Voice Broadcasting:

    Then we use the information which was gathered by us during the broadcast to measure the performance and take necessary steps accordingly.

Features of Voice Broadcasting

  • 1. Text to Speech:

    You can upload a pre-recorded message voice message for your customers or you can use our advanced special features which offer you male and female voices in multiple accents like USA, UK, Australia, etc.

  • 2. Call Recording:

    If you want to choose your call recordings for future purposes or for training then we help you with that as we keep all the call recordings on our servers for a period of your choice.

  • 3. Press 1:

    You can provide your customers with interactive features with the broadcast to amplify your features and for getting your feedback.

  • 4. Call Reporting and Analysis:

    You can access all the call records and their details such as total number of answered calls, customer who pressed 1 and so on.

  • 5. AC-CID:

    We provide you a caller ID based on the location of your customers and clients. Local ID helps you to increase the call pickup rates as people tend to answer more calls from their local areas.

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